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On March 8, the SPA center works at the weekend rate

On March 8, the SPA center works at the weekend rate … read more

Rules of stay

To the attention of guests:

  • Time of settlement in hotel - after 15:00.
  • If on the day of settlement in the room, the hotel can not contact you to confirm the reservation, the application will automatically be canceled.
  • Time of departure from the hotel is up to 12:00. The price includes breakfast.
  • Guests staying at our hotel will receive a 50% discount on visiting the SPA-center. Additional services of the spa center are paid in full (massages, spa-procedures, bath-house services).
  • Payments can be made by cash and cashless payments.

Warning! In case of departure from the room after 12:00, you are required to pay a fine in the amount of the price of the respective room for the day.

  • Upon arrival at the hotel, a 100% payment for accommodation is paid.
  • Only one additional place can be ordered in the room of any category (Optima service numbers do not apply to rooms of category).
  • The hotel provides only a day stay. Ability to continue to stay in a room for half an hour - is considered individually (except Friday and Saturday).
  • Individual room reservation must be confirmed by 100% prepayment.
  • Cancellation of reservation (return of prepayment) is made 3 days prior to the scheduled arrival. Upon cancellation of the reservation less than 3 days prior to arrival, a 100% prepayment fee is charged.


Supplement for children from 4 to 10 years is 300 UAH, this amount includes:
- breakfast;
- children's disposable slippers.

If the child from 4 to 10 years old needs an additional place for a folding bed, the amount will be 500 UAH and this amount includes:
- euro-clamshell
- children's breakfast;
- children's disposable slippers.

Children over 10 years old need an additional Euro-folding seat, the amount is UAH 1,000 and this amount includes:
- euro-folder;
- breakfast;
Discount on visits to the SPA center -50%

Discounts do not apply to additional seats

Warning! If, on the day of settlement in the room, the hotel can not contact you to confirm the reservation, the application will automatically be canceled even in the case of prepayment. Prepayment can be transferred to your deposit account at the discretion of the administration. You receive SMS with the text of the cancellation of the reservation, the deposit amount and the final date of its use.

Citizens residing in the complex are forbidden:

  • Bring and store in rooms dangerous substances for life.
  • Leave third-party numbers during your absence and transfer them a key from the number without warning to the Administration.
  • Stay in the restaurants in the bathrobes.
  • All rooms of the hotel, on the balconies and in the windows are not allowed to smoke. For smoking, a fine of 3000 UAH is imposed on the premises of the hotel. In case of a repeated smoking in the above mentioned places, the hotel administration has the right to evict a resident.

Warning! When canceling a holiday order: Prepayment is returned only if the room is given to other guests.

Warning! From the moment of arrival at the hotel, the visitor is fully liable for the damaged, broken and broken values ​​in the room or on the territory of the complex. The penalty is imposed individually, depending on the purchasing value of the spoiled object.

Warning! Dear guests, We urge you to be courteous towards the employees and guests of the complex. In case of incorrect behavior, namely: profanity, fights, disturbance of silence after 22:00, emotional clarification of relations, disturbance of rest of guests of a complex during rest, smoking, ignoring of requests or warnings of administrators, the complex reserves the right to forcibly evict guests. by calculating the price list accordingly.

Warning! The administration of the complex is not materially responsible for the valuables of the guests. We strongly recommend that you keep valuables in a safe.