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2020. New Year's Eve!


2020. New Year's Eve!
Indecent fun celebrating the brightest night of the year

Everything you need to know:

  • The celebration starts at 23:00
  • Holiday host Alexander Vysotsky.
  • Vocal accompaniment by X-Factor 8 project participant -Sergey Solovyov
  • We'll meet you with an aperitif, which is an oyster bar with Prosecco, eat as much as you can.
  • Chef's Christmas menu, ate and ate.

In the festive program the minimum of censorship and the maximum of fun:

  • Stand Up by Bad Santa Alexander Vysotsky.
  • New Year's "Pi" and no rat on the ship.
  • Indecently generous raffle from Boutique SPA Hotel and Skipper Restaurant.
  • Battle of rockers and adult roundabouts to the last.
  • And Christmas fireworks for those who stood their ground.


Holiday cost 4200UAH.
Or 3200UAH if you don't want to see Santa.