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The ground floor with saunas is closed

From 05.06 to 05.09.2023, the ground floor with saunas is closed for renovation … read more

Ready for the New Year 2021!


It is already close, time to think about how we will meet the new 2021!

Boutique hotel SPA and restaurant Skipper invite you to celebrate New Year's Eve in our suburban complex!

The main celebration will take place at the Skipper restaurant, you are the unsurpassed host Alexander Vysotsky

Author's cuisine Shvets Andrey

We cannot announce the details of the program, it will be an absolutely secret party!

The cost of the celebration will include a festive table, drinks for a festive mood, as well as many pleasant surprises, which you will learn about already on New Year's Eve


  • Skipper Restaurant - 4200 UAH
  • Skipper restaurant (without show program) - 3200 UAH.
  • Terrace restaurant (without show program) - 3200 UAH.
  • For the little ones, a holiday in the children's room - 2100 UAH.

Take care of your holiday in advance, we are looking forward to seeing you on New Year's Eve!

Reservations by phone: 096 9999 048