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Ready for the New Year 2021!

It is already close, time to think about how we will meet the new 2021! Boutique hotel SPA and restaurant Skipper invite you to celebrate New Year's Eve in our suburban complex! … read more

Summer discounts on accommodation!


Vacation should be affordable, so our Boutique Hotel SPA presents summer discounts on your vacation

From 25.05 to 07.06 absolutely -50% discount on all room categories

Optima 600 UAH.
Optima + 800 UAH.
Standard UAH 1250
Standard + 1400 UAH.
Panorama 1500 UAH.
Elite 1650грн.
Suite 2250грн.
Villa 2900грн.

From 08.06 to 21.06 for all rooms discount -30%
Optima 840грн.
Optima + UAH 1120.
Standard 1750грн.
Standard + 1960 UAH.
Panorama 2100грн.
Elite 2310грн.
Suite 3150грн.
Villa 4060грн.

and from 21.06 to 30.10 the favorite action "Summer holidays" starts

-40% discount for stays of 4 or 5 days, Monday / Sunday to Friday️

A nice bonus: from July 05 the promotion -40% on the cost of rooms on Sunday will start

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