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Give rest to relatives and loved ones!

Boutique Hotel SPA offers 3 denominations of gift certificates for recreation

1000 UAH
2000 UAH
5000 UAH

* A gift card gives the right to choose the services at a time at the nominal value of the certificate.

* When choosing services less than the nominal value of the gift certificate, the balance is not refundable, the amount is greater than the specified nominal, provides for additional payment of the difference.

* The certificate applies to the services of the SPA center, hotels and restaurants.

* The certificate is not exchanged for money.

* The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of registration.

* The validity of the certificate is not extended, plan your vacation in advance.

* The certificate can be issued online and make payment on the card or account.
* Certificate delivery is also possible at the New Mail office.
* Or visit the Boutique Hotel and purchase a certificate on site, the time of registration is 5 minutes.