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The ground floor with saunas is closed

From 05.06 to 05.09.2023, the ground floor with saunas is closed for renovation … read more


Two-storey villa is located in a secluded corner of the forest on site. The interior is made in a modern style, which has a cozy luxury rest. Maximum number of guests: 4 adults.

Hall: couch with double sofa bed, TV panel.

Guest round double bed, bathroom with shower and toilet, jacuzzi, sauna.

Bedroom: double bed, TV, balcony.

Bathroom with shower and bidet.

The area of the villa is 160 m2.


Dear guests! If you intend to celebrate the event at the Villa, please note that the cottage is for 4 guests.
For each additional guest the cost is increased by 1500 UAH, this price includes the necessary utensils for the person and a towel for sauna or jacuzzi.

The cost does not include overnight accommodation in the house.