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On March 8, the SPA center works at the weekend rate

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Wedding in the country complex Hotel Spa

Do you want your wedding to leave fabulous memories for a lifetime? Then pay special attention to the place where the celebration is planned.

Of course, you can order a banquet in a cafe or restaurant, and this is the easiest and most affordable way to celebrate this event. But there is a better option!

Wedding in a country complex near Kiev

Hotel Spa is happy to open its doors to newlyweds and guests for the wedding of your dreams! We are confident in our capabilities and ready to say that the wedding organized by us will cause a smile and the warmest and most pleasant memories for many, many years to come.

A country complex for a wedding is not just a restaurant and a green area. For example, we have everything (and even more) to organize this event at the highest level:

  • Restaurant "Skipper" - with author's cuisine and a variety of modern menus.
  • Boutique hotel - with rooms of different standards, made in an interesting design.
  • VIP-villa – for the most beautiful and romantic first night of the newlyweds.
  • The green area with the lake - young pines, oaks, fragrant flowers, the quiet surface of the lake, paved paths - is not it magical?

But the most important thing we offer for a wedding in a country complex - is the level of service! We are well aware that the cost of such an important holiday can reach tens of thousands of dollars, so we take full responsibility for the perfect organization. Each member of our team will do everything that would make the wedding of your dreams happen.

In addition to a chic banquet and accommodation for the night, we offer additional services:

  • Decoration of the territory, banquet halls, rooms in your chosen style
  • Design of the arch for the ceremony and the photo area
  • Full musical accompaniment of the official and entertaining part of the wedding
  • Host, music, video series, ballet show, entertainment program
  • Original snacks, chocolate fountains, towers of champagne glasses and many other modern and fantastic ideas to surprise guests.

Our experience and professionalism allow to minimize meetings of newlyweds on organizational issues, and without unnecessary fuss we will provide a holiday at the highest level. If you are still in doubt, we invite you to spend a weekend in our country complex or come to us for dinner - you will have no doubt that our country complex - is ideal for a wedding outside the city!